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Date: July 22nd 1918

France July 22nd 1918

My Dear little Sister:-

I've been in a moody depressed frame of mind all day - cussing everybody and everything in general - but tonight a little music has served to drive Father Gloom away sufficiently that I feel able to write you a letter to thank you for your parcel of chocolate, gum & handkerchiefs which I received today, also for two papers which arrived today.

We are back in billets again. This trip into the line was of short duration. Fritzie didn't make his drive at the point where we were located hence we started home but we are still ready to get into the fray again at two hours notice. The weather is quite nice and we have spent today in getting straightened around in our billets once more. Today we were issued with leather equipment to be used instead of the web variety which we have .....[text missing]

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