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Date: June 10th 1918

France, June 10th

My dear Mother:-

Today is an easy day so with nothing much to occupy my attention this afternoon I'll write you a short letter. I received a few Canadian letters this week and also the parcel from the S.S. class in Belmont. Will you thank them for me. I have your letter of May 8th and also quite a number of papers which make excellent reading. The snaps were very nice. In fact it was a real surprise to see how some of you have changed. I also had quite a time deciding where some of the pictures were taken. I am sorry I can't send you any in return.

Things are going as usual. The Second Motor Brigade has been formed and most of our company were taken on the strength. Reid and I are in different batteries but we are not far apart. MacCormac, Bob Paxton, a Winnipeg boy and I are under "E" Battery and I feel quite well satisfied. Yesterday we received our semi-monthly pay of twenty francs and that means better humor for a few days. The weather continues fine and warm. It is just right for baseball. Our Brigade ball team is doing fine work. They have lost but one game so far this season.

By chance talk today I found a fellow in our Battery who knows Nora (?) Warren quite well. He came over at the same [time] as we did with an Ontario Cycle platoon. He hears from her regularly and spent some time at Belmont last October just prior to leaving.

How is everyone at home? I suppose Nellie will be home now: I am feeling fine. Write often. With love from




"E" Battery

2nd Can. Motor M.G. Brigade



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Original Scans