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Date: June 2nd 1918

France June 2nd 1918

My Dear Mother:-

While I am sitting here with nothing much to occupy my attention I will write you a few lines. Things are going as usual. The fine weather continues and now that June is well on its way the farms are commencing to take on a very good appearance. There hasn't been much rain since we came back from the line but the crops seem to be in good condition. Since I wrote you last we have had a shake-up in our unit. Gun crews have been re-arranged. I am rather out of luck for I've been separated from Reid, Storrey and the other boys. We are in different batteries. MacCormac who came across as Sgt. Maj. in our platoon is a Cpl. in the battery in which I am placed. We will be a Motor Brigade now in a few days. This morning was spent in moving into new billets. Reid is only about one hundred yards away but now I have to find a new bed-mate. I guess Mac and I will try our luck. This war is certainly a game of chance.

There hasn't been a Canadian mail for over two weeks so I haven't received any word from you lately. Send me along some money once in a while. It's not agreeable to be penniless over here and for the last ten days I haven't had a centime to my name. Also, Mother, send me a few good pencils and lots of reading material. We have lots of time to read these evenings.

Have you arranged my insurance payment yet? I trust it gave no difficulty. The first opportunity I have I will write you re my affairs with the Abeys: I hope Dad will be able to arrange that for me in regard to the recommendation I asked for. I will write him, myself, in a few days. Over here one's hands are rather tied for you have no opportunity of dealing directly with the persons you wish to meet.

These are fine long days. The evenings are quite cool and one can enjoy a real good sleep. How is Nellie? Is Murray home now? The busy season will soon be around.

Well, I guess I'll close for I'm getting rather chilly and think I had better go for a little stroll and enjoy a cigarette. I have tried to smoke a pipe recently but it doesn't suit me.

With love from



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