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Date: May 8th 1918

May 8th. 1918.

My Dear Mother:-

I received your letter of April 8th last night, also one from Nellie. I am well and we are still back in billets where I suppose we are to recuperate. Had a letter from Fred Carrothers also a few days ago. He says that he is still well. I guess Fred and I just missed each other by a day a few weeks ago. He came down to the huts where we had been quartered but we had moved off to another part of the line that morning.

Hope your parcel reaches me this week for I am penniless and there is no sign of pay altho' we haven't had a pay since April 2nd, I think. When we are paid I will be better off financially for I have about fifty francs outstanding debts.

I think previous letters have answered all the questions you asked. The remittance from Ottawa was correct, $15 per month from March 1st is what was assigned. You will look after my insurance will you? The S. E. Post is coming quite regularly. Today I got the issue for April 16th. They are certainly ...[?]

The weather for the past week has been misty and disagreeable. It stops the aeroplanes coming out in large numbers but the big guns hammer away as usual. They were going full force last night and it's really impossible to describe the noise they make. On Tuesday or rather Monday night I was right into the front line trench and I can honestly say I never saw such a wonderfully fine quality of mud anywhere before. The mud around Belmont in Spring cannot compare.

I was out with letters and a communication but have been doing nothing except shaving and cleaning up since dinner time. I have a magazine but it's not extra attractive. A Saturday Post should be along in a day or so now. On Monday I had a letter from Barb. Nichol

In the next parcel you send to me I want you to put in a razor strop for me. They are rather hard to get out here. An old one will do if you have one around the house. I have been using Reid's but he lost his a few days ago. Also put in or send along any reading material you have - Belmont papers etc. That's one thing that we have a hard time getting.

Well, I guess I'll end this now. Best wishes and love from,



19th Can. Mach. Gun Co.,

C. E. F.

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