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Date: March 3rd 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Alliford Bay, B.C.
March 3, 1944

Hello Mom and Dad

How are you keeping? I got your letter today and your swell box the other day. The underwear was swell. Where on earth did you get hold of a coconut, and dried figs? Are the stores there once more able to get things like that. I have been busy and have not been over to Charlotte City for a long time so I don't know how the stores are there. They had everything the last time I was there, though. There is a dance over there tonight but I have been busy lately and have neglected my correspondence so I have now seven unanswered letters in my writing kit. I had a letter from Jim. Also a card from him while in Blackpool. I wrote and congratulated him on his promotion. I had a letter from Mrs. Pyke and a box with some socks, gum & peanuts. She also sent a couple of pictures of her & Phillip, and Buddy, their dog. I got another letter from Galt with a nice picture too. I got a package of maps and timetables from Aunties B. & E. which I asked for in a previous letter. I got another letter from Beatrice Fearnley. Other letters I received this past week were from Grant in Prince Rupert and from Percy at Camp Borden. I wrote him as soon as I received his address from you. He got engaged to Jack's sister and they will be married in July. I was surprised to hear that. From what you say about Ernie's situation I wouldn't trade places with him for anything.

That gift business when visiting will be a little difficult for me but I will try to make out somehow.

In a way I wish I could see your snowstorm but it's so nice here lately with a hot sun, the beautiful scenery and the few species of birds returning with the long days. I am becoming fed up with working inside all the time. I would go back to the hangar but the engineer officer is making a lot of changes in my shop and he wants me to stay until it is working properly again. I expect to break in another fitter in April just before I go on furlough (if everything goes all right) and then I am going to try to get on nights when I come back. It will be nice in the summer with the daylight until 11 P.M. The night shift works from 5 P.M. to 2 A.M. but they usually get through early and get off and so still have some evenings to themselves. They also have their afternoons. On the whole I think it is the better of the two shifts. One can learn more about trouble shooting and minor unserviceabilities too.

I have not heard anymore about the motorcycle detachment and I hope I don't until I have had my furlough anyway. We had another trade board on Feb 18 but as yet have heard nothing. I have almost lost interest in this outfit anyway.

We had a silly C.O.'s parade today and was it hot and uncomfortable in uniforms greatcoats, caps, gloves, and with rifles, bayonets and ceremonial belts. On account of not having many parades our rifle drill is not exactly precise. After some blunders an officer bellowed out "Some of you lads must think joke's a parade." That really started something.

Well, it's 11.30 PM and I want to write a couple more letters if I can before I crawl into my sack. By the way, my chum says I talk in my sleep quite a bit, but so does everybody up here. Some sit up in bed and holler right out. Hoping you are all well there, so long for now ---Joe

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