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Date: March 31st 1946
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

P.S. Many happy returns of the day for the
9th, in case I can't get a card.

Mar. 31/46

Dear Mom & Dad,

I have just awakened to the fact that I haven't written to you for about three weeks. I am very sorry. I don't know where the days go. I've been busy but not that busy. I am writing to your new address. I hope by now you are settled in the new house and are liking it. As soon as I got your letter I went to headquarters and got all my records and documents changed. We have had very good weather lately. What's it like there now? The first aircraft took off for home yesterday. There will be 45 taken back, by way of Prestwick, Iceland, Labrador, and finishing up in Ottawa. I don't think I'll be flying back, although six ground crew men are going up with every kite. It's pretty hard to say when I'll be on my way. I had a "48" last weekend. I was off Fri. noon and hitch-hiked to L'pool getting there at nine. Saturday I took Mary over to B'pool and we spent a few hours with Aunt Molly, had an hour on the beach & prom, and were back in L'pool at eleven. Aunt Molly wanted us to stay over til Sunday but we hadn't anything with us. We took some more pictures but I don't know yet how they turned out. We spent Sunday in the park and at the pictures. L'pool is not bad if you get away from the docks and congested districts. I wonder if you could send me a street map. It would be the easiest way to find the new place. There aren't supposed to be any more leaves or 48's so I might be home soon to help with that garage. Hoping everyone is well so long for now.

Your loving son, Joe.

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