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Date: March 4th 1946
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Mar. 4/46

Dear Mom & Dad,

I received your letter of Feb. 21st and was glad to hear from you. I hope this finds you both well. I am not too bad, but it's been cold and damp here lately. We've also had a little snow. They've been keeping us pretty busy since the strike. I got on a job Saturday that kept me until 1.30 Sunday morning. I thought for sure I had pneumonia, but I have some Welsh chest and lung medicine that I take quite often because I wake up in bad shape some mornings. It's pretty good stuff and clears me up quickly. I'd rather cycle to the village for it than to go on sick parade because they usually make you worse at the hospital. We are starting to prepare our aircraft for the flight home. That is, most of them. A few ground men with low R.G.N. numbers will fly with them. I don't think I'll fly if I get the chance however, because I tried my luck pretty far during the war. I think the remainder of us will move to Odiham, a station near Reading, sometime in April. We'll probably operate between there and various parts of Europe with the kites we have left.

For a long time I was sure I'd be here until Sept. at least but now I don't know what to think. I'd like to go and see Aunt Molly & Joyce & Jim again but it's all I can do to get to Liverpool & back on a 48, and leaves are very hard to get now. I guess it won't be long before spring will show up there at home, eh? Week-end before last, Mary and I saw flowers and snow side by side in "Ye Olde English Gardens" in Woolton Park, L'pool. I'll send you some pictures if they turn out. I'll say goodnight now, & turn in, for I've a big job tomorrow. Your loving son,


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