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Date: November 19th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#4436 S.E.
Nov. 19/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

I received your letter of Nov. 6 the other day but I couldn't answer it right away because my arms were a little swollen and stiff from a bunch of inoculations I had to get. I'm on a detachment for Naples, in Italy. I think it's nice down there and I can't stand it here. It's supposed to be for six weeks but I hope it's for all winter. Yes, I had my nine days leave from Oct. 19 to 28. I think I wrote you about it. I'm not sure. I haven't been able to think straight or remember anything for very long at a time ever since I came back. I'm glad to hear that the increase in the cheques went through all right. I'd forgotten all about that. My account sounds pretty good. Does that figure include bond value? I didn't get in on the 9th Victory Loan because I was away when they canvassed the camp. I had a 48 last Sunday & Monday. I went to London and then to the Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. I placed flowers on Neville Anderson's grave and also on George Montgomery's grave. I am pretty sure it was the chap I used to go to church with. His Regimental no. was very close to mine. It's a beautiful cemetery but it shakes one to see so many Canadians who won't go back. The American section is vast, too. I wish I had taken my camera because Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. I may go again. I had a letter from Jim a while ago but I'm not sure whether I answered it or not & I can't find it now. I'm glad you are well. This place is ruining me. When you've had summer all year round in the tropics, it does something to you. I'll have to go now, `Bye 'til next time.

Your loving son, Joe.

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