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Date: November 8th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R208467 LAC MOORE J.L.
4436 S.E.
Nov. 8/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

I've just received your letter of the 3rd and I was glad to hear from you. You will have received my last letter by now I guess. I forget just what day I wrote it. Your letter made awfully good time, even though you didn't get the address quite straight. Thanks for sending that box. I'll sure be glad to get it. This is a very miserable place. I think I told you that we called Damp Agony instead of its proper name. I may be getting a 48 hour this week and going to London, or near there, to see Neville Anderson's grave. Mary asked me to, if I got the chance. It's too expensive to go to L'pool on a 48, and for the few hours there, it's not worth it. I guess the boys coming home does look good to all you people. There's a possibility that I'll be here till Sept. 1947, so I've stopped thinking about coming home. In fact, I've stopped thinking about everything. I may be going to Naples on detachment soon. I'll do anything rather than stay here. I can't quite explain this place, & you wouldn't understand anyway. I'd even go back to Burma, knowing I've got to stay overseas a long time yet anyway. I don't know how I'll ever stand the winters in Canada when I do come back. There's not an awful lot of work to do here but we have to be at the hangars from 8 - 5. Sandy MacDonald came to this station last night from a northern station. I roomed with him at Galt. I'm late now for a dental appointment, so I'll sign off till next time. Your loving son, Joe.

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Original Scans