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Date: October 10th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#4436 S.E.
Oct. 10/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

I've had no mail for a while but I guess it's because I've not written much or maybe it's being held in London or Bournemouth awaiting redirection here. This station was built in a very scattered fashion which means a hike from the huts to the mess and another hike from there to the airstrip and the same thing at noon & at night. Sometimes there are trucks and we've all put our names in for bicycles which are supposed to be issued to us but they haven't enough at present. Honestly Mom, when we landed here on Sept. 12 we were told the war was over everywhere but in England, and I'm beginning to believe it. It's terrible at night here. The roads are black, and full of bicycles and men coming & going to the huts, the strip or the mess. We have a Knights of Columbus "Canada House" (shack) on the station, but it isn't very well organized yet. When you can, I'd like you to send me some pyjamas, laundry soap, underwear shorts, raisins, etc. By the way, I increased my savings cheque while in Burma, when my "A" group pay came through. Have they started sending it yet? I may get a 48 in a week or so, most of which will be spend on trains I guess, but I'll have some time with Margaret. Well, I'll say goodnight for now, hoping to hear from you soon. Your loving son,


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