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Date: December 16th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

#436 SQDN., R.C.A.F.
Dec. 16, 1944

Dear Mom & Dad,

I received your letter of the 1st Dec. yesterday. The kit I mentioned losing in the last letter came back on another aircraft yesterday so I feel a little better now. I'm glad to hear you are having a nice weather. It is getting miserably cold here. Most of us are wearing blues. I am glad to hear that Rev. Smith got my letter. I received one from Mr. Inman yesterday too. Also a Christmas card from Jim & Gwen, and letters from Galt, Quatsino, and from Cliff. No, I haven't received any Christmas boxes yet. They'll probably take a few mo's yet. So far I've received cards from you & Dad, Aunt Reta and Uncle Les, Jim & Gwen, and Mary A. I guess Jim will take a dim view of Gwen's repatriation. Thanks a lot for looking after my Christmas gifts. I hope you all enjoy Christmas and New Year's. I sent all my cards on Oct. 20 but I have my doubts whether or not they'll reach Canada by Christmas. Be sure and let me know if & when you get yours. I bought them from a traveling merchant. In Mr. Inman's letter, he gave me Bill Nicoll's address, so I will write him when I get time. I wrote & sent a Christmas card to Jim's friend Roger in the B.A.O. in Bombay, but have not received an answer yet. One of our boys was sent down there to relieve the Christmas parcel tie-up in the Post Office and I asked him to look Roger up. We are getting busier all the time, so I won't get that leave I mentioned in a previous letter. I'll be spending Christmas, New Years, and my 21st birthday right here on the old camp. I guess they will be just like any ordinary days this year. In a sense we are more isolated than we were in the B.C. bush. Would you please let Cliff know I received his letter? I have not time to answer him right away. The next time you go to Aunt Reta's place, would you please get the address of the "Club" and send it to me? There's something else you might do if you don't mind, too. In the next box you send please put some iodine and band-aids. A roll of plain adhesive tape wouldn't hurt either. We walk into thorns quite often and skin our knuckles now and then, too, and our first-aid supplies are very inadequate. Hoping this finds you both well,

So long for now -- Joe

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