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Date: January 19th 1918

SEAFORD, SUSSEX Jany 19th, 19

My Dear Mother:-

Just a few line while I am waiting for Reed and MacCormac to have a bath. This is a Sat. Afternoon -an off day and it is certainly a welcome relief. Here when one has nothing to do we seldom leave camp, just sit around, read, write and play cards. This morning we had the novel experience of a route march in full marching order. The pack full with haversack, water bottle, overcoat rolled and entrenching tools weighs about 50 lbs but before we got back it felt more like 500. We fell in at 9.30 and marched out at 10.00. We didn't go more than six miles and as the band went with us it made the marching much better. You cannot appreciate how much difference a band and music makes in a march. This week has gone by very good. Most of us managed to get through the gas test yesterday morning. I felt no ill effects. We were in a gas chamber filled with Chlorine gas and Lachrymal or tear gas for about ten minutes. Chlorine gas if inhaled causes bronchitis and consumption. Lachrymal is an irritant causing tears and some times temporary blindness. The gas was so thick one could scarcely see but with the respirator we could breathe quite freely. Quite a few of our men have been sick this week with colds and influenza. Four of the Regina boys are in the Hospital now. Reid was under the weather for a few day but he stuck it out and is some better today. I have been feeling fine ever since arriving in England and have managed to steer shy of a cold so far. The weather has been milder and the mud is almost dry again today. Last night our Regina basketball team played a team from London and won quite easily. MacCormac is our star. He is a College player in the States. I intended to go out and play football this afternoon but my feet are too sore.

Don't forget to line me Andy MacGill's address? I should be receiving some of your letters direct in a few days now. Hope you are all well and not (?). Write soon.

With love from



#2233344 Pte. F. C. Cousins
No 1 Co., C.M.G.D.
Seaford, Sussex,

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