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Date: December 5th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R208467 L.A.C.MOORE,J.L. #436 SQDN., R.C.A.F.
Dec. 5, 1944

Dear Mom & Dad,

Received your letter of the 21st Nov. yesterday evening, but I was on my way to the field on guard duty, so I had to wait until tonight to answer it. Guard duty comes around every week or ten days, so everybody gets a taste of it. We go on at 6 P.M. and come off at 8 A.M. We have to wear our greatcoats, for it is surprisingly cold at night in this country, although we work all day in nothing but our khaki shorts. We have to take our blankets with us and sleep in the middle of the aircraft dispersal area beside a fire. We don't sleep very much between patrols, though. Yes, time does seem to be passing quickly, and we are usually busy, so maybe a couple of years won't be too great a setback in my life. I received a letter from Jim on the 1st of Dec. He got my letter of Nov.4th, on the 18th, and he received another, ( Oct.21) the week before. He tells me the tour of duty out here is four years for single fellows and three for married fellows, but I think that applies to the R.A.F. Maybe these English chaps are stupid & maybe they are not, but they don't seem to see anything wrong with that system, but I can see plenty wrong with it. Jim also wrote quite a bit of advice on English girls, trying to discourage me. He said he wanted to give me the benefit of his experience. I really wrote him an earful. Right now I am not just sure of my post war plans, but because I don't expect to see Margaret for a long time yet, we shall see what we shall see when the time comes. Jim told me all about their flat and he is sending me a wedding picture and a piece of wedding cake, but I probably won't see them for months yet. I got a letter from Mary Louise Anderson on the 3rd Dec., and she informed me that her eldest brother, Neville, was killed in action on Nov. 15th. I met him a few times and I thought he was a fine chap. It is too bad he had to get it. She has another brother about my age on the B.C. coast and he is liable to go over under the new conscription scheme. The write-ups in the papers we get really made Canada stink, regarding the handling of service-men. Mary asked me to go and see Nev's grave for her on my return, if possible, and I shall try and do that. You had better get rid of the idea that we have the "life o' Riley" here. Those Indian bearers are necessary to do all the little things because we just haven't time. Our time is pretty well taken up. I am studying for my "A"' group now, too. I might get leave from 5th to the 12th of January and so may come into manhood (21) in a fair sized city -- miles from here. I am sorry to hear about Aunt Reta. Hope this finds you both still well, so long for now --

Love, Joe.

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