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Date: April 14th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Alliford Bay B.C.
April 14, 1944

Dear Mom and Dad ---

I was very glad to receive your letter and am sorry if I am disappointing you with my lack of mail. Our so-called spare time up here is not so plentiful as one would suppose and what there is really goes fast. You have no idea what this climate does to a guy. If I get the least bit occupied with my work or making something for myself, or hiking, etc., I can get a letter and read it and shove it into my writing kit thinking of answering it that same night and before I realize it a week has gone by. When I do answer it, the very next day I have forgotten what I wrote and for all I know I have written the same stuff twice.

I was up for another flip last week and it was swell. I am back in the hangar now and it took a corporal & two L.A.C.'s to replace me in the plug shop now. There is hardly room for them to move around. I have my B group now and my L.A.C. will become effective shortly.

You say you hope I will get leave soon, well so do I. If it wasn't for a certain flight sergeant, I would be going out tomorrow but he is afraid of having too many men out at one time so my departure depends on the return of one of the boys on leave right now. He is due on the 24th of April so to be safe I made a reservation on a plane for the 28th in case he is late. I had to cancel a reservation I had already made two months ago, for tomorrow.

I am looking forward to seeing all the folks down south.

I got a letter from Cliff the other day. I just finished answering it.

That's too bad about Irene and Freddie, but I guess the war breaks up a lot of marriages. I may be wrong but I think Roy Miles & Percy are making a mistake in marrying while still in the service.

I almost forgot about Easter and your birthday. Last Saturday night somebody mentioned Good-Friday because we didn't get the day off and I remembered all of a sudden. I hope my wire got there in time.

I got a letter from Jim, too, yesterday. It was a month coming. He had been complaining about not receiving any mail from me but he got two of my letters in March.

Many happy returns of the day on your birthday, Dad, sorry if this is late.

By the way Mom, did Mary Anderson sing at the Betty Wills' wedding. In one of the here letters she mentioned that Betty wanted her too but I don't know whether she did or not.

So Dad is looking for good weather in his garden. He should be out here. The days are already long and occasionally sunny. There are daffodils, ferns, dandelions and shrubs, etc. all over the place already too. They have not started the potatoes yet.

I would love to send you some pictures but I don't see how I can. I will try to smuggle in a camera and some films when I come back from leave. You would really enjoy seeing some pictures of the fellows and our "little island home" as Mary once called it.

I have yet to answer letters from Galt, Jim, Aunt Doris, Alex, Percy, and the boys in Pr. Rupert. Oh yes, also one from Chris. Oh yes, also one from Chris Inman, of the church, notifying me of the sending of another box. It is good of them, isn't it. I really must close and write at least one more before I turn in. A fellow would be better off if he did more writing up here and less thinking and day dreaming about the war, civilization, etc.

I really get down in the dumps sometimes, wondering what to do after the war. A fellow cannot plan anything because he might end up anywhere and in any kind of living conditions.

I guess this is getting boring, so long for now,


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