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Date: December 7th 1917

Dec 7th 1917

My Dear Mother:-

We have at last reached the end of our voyage and tonight we are anchored in the harbor at Liverpool, ready to disembark some time tomorrow. This morning all was excitement for not only were we in one of the worst parts of the danger zone but we knew we should reach port about noon. We sighted land about 12:15 and in the excitement I missed my dinner. There are all kinds of boats to be seen, fishing smacks, gun-boats, ferries and up to the largest steamers. When we arrived here we found the 'Olympic' here, it had beaten us by three days. During the last few days we were travelling under the protection of several destroyers and it is remarkable the manner in which they manoeuvre. Not the least sign of a submarine was to be seen. Liverpool seems to be certainly a remarkable place and it is certainly nice to see land again after being eleven days out. This morning we were each issued with about seven slices of bread, a small amount of jam, a tin of corn beef and two apples; our rations for twenty-four hours. We then expected to disembark today but I understand we will have two meals tomorrow on board.

A trip like this makes one appreciate what the supremacy of the sea means. One feels no fear or danger. A few refrained from going to bed while in the danger zone but most of us took our usual naps and slept real sound. However, great care was taken in regard to lights and for the last several nights no concerts were held. Tonight, however, all is free again, the pianos are all alive, the men singing and several "pipers" with the 48th keep things enlivened.

I understand the Cyclists are to go to Seaford Camp in Sussex but are not sure what branch of the service we will be placed in. If you could give me some of the addresses of Belmont boy[s] in England I might have an opportunity some time to look them up.

The climate is quite mild here and today has been an ideal day. I suppose it will be getting rather wintry in Ontario by this time. I thought particularly of home while we were coming in today, it would be just about eight o'clock there and I wondered what you would all be doing. Well, I must close.

My Address.

#2233344 Pte. F. C. Cousins
3rd Div. Regina Cycle Platoon C.E.F.
Seaford Camp, Sussex

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