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Date: September 30th 1918
Loll (Margaret's sister Louise)

Rochelle [?]
Sep 30.

My Dearest Sister

Well your letter received this A.M. was glad you were well and that you are beginning to feel better you must you know now dear if you do not things will go harder for you. Dear girl just look around and see if others do not have it harder just think if you had of married and dear little one was in it too as there are in loots of cases just be thankfull it is no worse I know you can now do as griveing will do no good and dear you have done your part so faithfully while he was on earth so now try and think the easy things it will help my dear for to I know you must think but go out loots and be with the girls now do not mope at home for that will not do how I wish I could come to you but than money is so scarse now and you will come next summer to spend it with us and we will look forward to that I was wondering if you could not come how it would to get a cottage up near Goderich or where ever you think could you find out how much it would cost or even a room would do us you and I, than I could plan that way, just see how it would do, or on the island at Toronto I would like it for 2 weeks or so would not you and me could go 50‑50 than the girls could come to for theirs but we have 10 months to plan it. Millie and children are well boath are fine lads they look so cute walking in front of their Pa & Ma yesterday hold of hands Dea little fellows now I must close with loots of love and effection to my dear girl.


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Original Scans