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Date: August 5th 1917

Bramshot Camp
Aug 5th 1917

Dear Mar,-

The Canadian Mail came in last night and I got two letters from you, both from Rochelle. There is not much to answer in them but I wish I was there to talk to you. Sure you can have the laces, no one objects. By the time I get through here I wont be able to wear my running shoes anyway.

I'm still suffering from the effects of bad weather here. The sun is making a feeble attempt to shine today the first for a week.

Sure I'll be looking eagerly for the box, for I know how good a cook Loll is and I'll just write her a big letter when I get it eh.

I got a letter from Edna Reimann[?] she is Mrs Farnsworth now. You remember she is Esther's sister. Edna is sending me some fudge. She seemed quite peeved because I hadn't written them. I know Levi too and he added his little postscript and Tracy another married sister is sending magazines, among them "Jack Canuck", ha ha. I had no idea I had so many friends The big question is will the Canadian people be so good to the soldiers when the war is over?

You sure are living in the future dear. Can't blame you much either. Tell me dear, would you have wished to marry before I left Canada? There have been times I have felt it would have been better. Its too late to discuss now anyway.

You should be getting my letters by July 12 or 15th easily enough for I sent them in time I thought to be there before you. However you will be getting them by now anyway. You'll be compelled to leave Rochelle by the 25th or in 20 more days, so I'll just send two more letters to Rochelle and then back to Canada. I'm eager to take up life again in Canada. I think I'll take my Normal course in Regina and then take up land. I'm sure that with teaching and farming I can make it go. You see I think after the war is over, that farming will be a big industry and furnishes better opportunities for a clean start and more freedom. You suggested this to me at one time but I didn't give a definite answer. Then I have an idea that mother intends to live with Dora but of course I'll provide all needs, and D'Arcy will have to do his share. Mother never said anything definite. It doesn't mean that she is deserting us but I think she feels that we would wish to be alone. You see I want to settle down as quickly as possible when I return, see. You would like to too would you not? I feel sure you would from the way you talk.

Well dear I will close now with love from

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