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Date: October 3rd 1918

Oct 3/18
21 Norwood Rd.

My dear Margaret:–

I received you lovely letter a few days ago and I have read it thru many many times. I should have answered before this but Dad, Mother, Baby and I have been away for a few days on a motor trip.

I thought for awhile that you must have mislaid my address, then again I knew letter writing would be a hard task for you dear, so don't think that your little delay peeved me in any way. I was just overjoyed when I saw the letter was from Stratford.

I am very pleased to learn that your friends help to fill your time. I remember you said that you were very proud of them and I know they must be genuine or they would not appeal to you. I am patiently waiting for the time to come when I shall be able to meet them, just now our harvest services are coming on which makes in impossible to get away for any length of time.

I can't tell you Margaret how much I enjoyed having you here, I only wish I lived near you, I know we should be inseparable. I am glad to think that my thoughts and sympathy helped you, I put myself in your place and I think that helped me to understand your deep sorrow, which you certainly bore like a martyr. Your letters I would just love to read and feel that they were written by a real man, altho I did not know him I can picture in my mind just the type of boy he was, His Mother's love must be a source of great comfort to you, also the thoughtfulness of his uncle, but once a person meets a girl of your calibre they do not readily forget and you surely have a wonderful nature Margaret.

I had a letter from France telling me that everything was going well so far and that the gains they made were wonderful. Punk said he only wished he had time to tell me more. I heard, indirectly, that he was in England now taking out his commission but I can't say how true it is.

Well dear there is little more to say only I almost forgot to tell you that we received word three weeks ago saying my cousin had fallen in Action Aug 24/. He was only nineteen and an only son, so you may know that we feel it very keenly. Write me again real soon Margaret because I do enjoy your letters, hoping you are real well dear and remember me to your Mother and Dad.

Best of love

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