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Date: March 24th 1912

My Dear Sister:-

I guess I had better answer your letter today while I have time as I work so hard during the week that I have no time to write letters for to tell the truth I have started to work at last. Last week was out only one night, or rather two, out at a card party and down to see one show. Even worked in the afternoon and if I can only keep it up 'till April 24th, I think ought to make a good run and land somewhere in the money. I hope your book was alright and that you are not doing too much studying. We finished our Analytical Geometry last Thursday but there is an awful pile to review. The Physics is the only easy part. I have obtained a permit to teach in Sask. this coming summer but don't think I will use it 'tho I guess I will go West. Has Fred Carrothers gone yet - do you know what part he is going? I suppose you will have your Easter Exams and Tests pretty soon and that will mean a heap of work. How is Vera B. making it? Does Marjorie still go to school?

It is quite chilly out today but we will go out shortly. Tonight I have to go to church and then Monday night work. I guess we will have no more skating this year. I suppose Belmont is just the same as ever; are they building that new factory yet [?]. [The BORDEN factory, at that time the CANADIAN MILK PRODUCTS factory]. I was down town Friday morning to buy some bargain shirts but couldn't get near the counter for old women. Instead I bought a suit of summer underwear for .50 cents which looks pretty cheap to me. They put on some great bargains at Eaton's but you have to get down early to get them.

I saw a dandy show this week, it was 'Bounty Pulls the Strings', a Scotch play. I hardly think it will go to London. How long do you get at Easter - we only get Friday but I guess I will be home and get some other things to take West. Will there be anything that you will want me to bring home [?]. Gargett is going up to London next week for the week-end I guess. I suppose Aggie is keeping well and Miss McGill. You must cause her a lot of trouble. We pretty near got kicked out again last week for causing a racket. However I guess we will last out now 'till the end of the term. Well, Dear, I guess this will be all for this time. Be sure and write soon, I remain as ever.


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