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My dearest Family,

I am now at No. 24 General, about half a mile from Claude's hospital, but have not yet seen him, I am trying now to get in thouch with him and get away a cable to you.

My wounds are very slight indeed, in fact I could have carried on but for the danger of blood poisoning, A shrapnel bullet went through my arm (left) just through the tricep muscle, I know I had been hit but the pain was so slight that for about six hours I had no idea it had gone through, and as things were very exciting I did not worry about having it dressed. I also got a big chunk of shrapnel falling on my left instep. It was no at all bad in the trench but I had to get my boot out off afterwards and the instep is badly swollen and farily painful. The doctor does not think anything is broken but they took an x-ray of it this morning, and I will know tomorrow. I am satisfied it is only a bruise.

We got into a veritable hell and the poor old Battalion is hopelessly cut up. I was wonderfully lucky to got away with what I did. A Company and B Company were in the front line, C and D in the supports about 500 yards back. We had not been in the trenches an hour before a bombardment started up, it was realised that they were going to attack us. At 2 they sprang 2 minor under the companies or what remained of them in the front line. A Company was I believe wiped out to and, B company had about 40 survivors. Frits came over and took the line where A Company was, but we got some machine guns trained on them from the supports and they and B Company survivors held B Company's line. In the meanwhile Fritz had lifted all his bombardment to and until 5 o'clock you could not hear yourself think. had a lot of casualties in the supports, but not as many as seemed inevitable from such a bombardment, I was hit in the foot about 12 in the morning, and in the arm about 2 o'clock, but strangely enough I did not feel the wounds at all and stayed until about 2 a.m. getting out petrols etc. and organising the defence of the second line; then I went to headquarters, and the doctor sent me out. When I left nothing had been heard of Rupert, and I fear he is killed, Jerry Murphy was also killed at least I was told so - and at least 4 or 5 more of our officers. Some may be prisoners, God knows. Bidwell was acting adjutant and allright, Hill was away on leave, due back that night, Simpson was with me and O.K., and Little luckily away on a digg fatigue in another sector of the line, I expect the remante of the Battalion camp out last night, and I pray they did not have a bombardment yesterday. Harry Turner was wounded over the eye Buz is alright. Mr Tanner was killed rushing through ambulance George carter was sent out suffering from shell shock. Tom Yarath got shrapnel I beleive in the back, also young Clarke, neither I think serious.

I could not have had better treatment since I got into the Field Ambulance, everyone kindness itself, and all the arrangements excellent, I won't get to England as we need officers now the work way to re-organise the Battalion, and anyway I shall be about again in a week. I am now having the most heavenly rest imaginable between sheets and suffereing no pain at all. Five other Canadian officers in this ward, none very serious, and all in the best of spirits because they are out of it for a few days, Poor poor Canada, she has suffered terribly this last few days, but I should think she has enhanced her reputation. Andy Macdougall I understand was killed early in the fighting though his death is not a certainty yet.

No more now dears, I expect the Canadian corps will be taken out of the line to be reorganised, and will be back some weeks. This of course is not official and may not take place.


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