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Date: August 24th 1918

Aug 24th/18

My Dear Father:

Just a line in answer to your letter read a couple of nights ago dated Aug 6th. not very long on the way I wrote you a few days ago perhaps you have read it before this.

It's great fun to see the German run but not so much fun before we get them going I don't see what the G. are fighting for they know they can't win. I guess they must want to get clear of a few more men. you say you hope we keep them on the run. we sure will we have the right man in charge now. General [?] he must have some head on him.

What will Ken do now with out a car? Suppose he will buy another one. how is he doing? he must be holding his end up alright. I had a letter from John a few days ago.

Well yes I suppose [?] would like to have a better car. I don't blame him for wanting a better one but I would be satisfied with a tin [?] for a while.

I suppose Mr Doug B. is taking it pretty hard about Doug being killed. Did you ever write to R. [?] in answer to his letter he wrote you about Spencer? he is here with us now [?] he's a fine chap.

How did Jessie get along playing in the church? I know she would make out O.K.

Yes I would also like to see and talk to you. I pray that the time may come in the near future.

These is not much more I can write will hoping this finds you in the best of health.

Love to all.

Aff. Son

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