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Date: November 3rd 1918

Seaford 3/11/18

My Dear Mother:-

Just a few lines tonight before I retire to my nice soft couch of "hardwood". I have moved again to a different section of the camp and once again Mac and I are in the same hut. In the other hut I had a palliase, or a [?] with straw, but here it is the floor again. This has bee a miserable wet day. It poured all the forenoon and as a result the mud is of the very best quality. Tonight we walked about five miles before we found anything to eat but we finally got into a "y" where we got some cakes and tea and a few caramels. To keep your appetite quenched is the all important problem. I received quite a few letters this week but none from you. There were two from Nellie, one from Aunt Lizzie and one from Reed (he is back with the Brigade once more. The shrapnel hit him on the back of the hand starrey expects to come to England very soon to rain in the Air Force. I also had a letter from Pattie Shields from Lipton. His is now a Capt. In the R.A.F. and has accounted for twenty one Heinie planes. Haven't heard from Andy Mac for some time. Fred C. is in a convalescent and my letter was his first information that Arban had been killed in action. This week has gone by rather quickly for me have been busy in the O.R. with drafts. Most of our Co. are due to return to the "fight" soon. My "job" will keep me here for a short time at any rate. I would sure like to get right back to the Ride but if one goes across now it would mean a winter spent around the base in France.
Well - I'll close now. I hope you are all well. With best of love from



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