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Date: July 28th 1916
W.G. Singer

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still well and to thank you for your papers you are sending me. I am getting them regularly now. I have to pass them on now as there is an old Cobourg boy in our Battalion that I have become acquainted with, so he gets them second. It is Sid. Campbell, who used to live on Division Street. I guess that you will know him all right. I never knew him in Cobourg, but we have got very friendly of late out here.

I have been over to see the Battery boys a couple of times now, since we came out last. We are billeted only about 300 yards from their horse lines. Stuart Walden is the last to come off leave. He says that it is awful coming back again. I have not been lucky enough to get off yet. You would think that nine months would bring it pretty near, but I do not see it coming yet. I was thinking I was well fixed for leave after coming through that scrap of June 2nd to 9th, for we and those others carried it on, but there was 'nothing doing'.

I see you still have lots of soldiers in Canada yet. I wish that they would send a few of them out here, then we could get a little more rest. We are having dandy weather here now. Keeping at it all the time here, you have no idea what it is like. Even when the papers say 'the usual artillery activity.' it is nerve wraking, but when reports acknowledge a 'bombardment', it is a simple h***. That is my opinion of things. I hope all the boys who are left are well. Remember me to all. I enjoy getting the paper very much.