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Date: January 4th 1918
Jack Sorsoleil

Flight Lieut, Jack Sorsoleil, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E.. Sorsoleil, Toronto is one of the youngest officers among the Canadians overseas. Jack is not yet eighteen years old. He took his training at the Toronto Aviation Camp and after going overseas took a SIX weeks course in England after which he was given a commission and sent to France. His work is that of a scout Pilot. As a rule the scout Pilots go out in squadrons of six, their work being to protect the bombers, photographers, observation officers, and artillery officers at their work. In a letter to his parents, Lieut Sorsoleil describes his first trip over the lines as follows:

Up to Monday I had been on nothing but line patrol. We got up to the lines and crossed them for about six miles. We patrolled up and down for an hour but did not see any Huns. We started for home and when we were about two miles from our lines my engine gave out. I was forced to glide to safety behind our lines, They 'archied' me all the time and when I got down to about 500 feet they turned machine guns on me. Well, I managed to cross our lines but just landed 150 yards behind the front trenches. I landed in a shell hole and tore my under carriage. I got out of the machine and found twenty bullet holes in one wing. An Artillery officer met me and took me to their quarters. From there I phoned the aerodrome and the O.C. Sent a lorry. We got the machine back far enough so that the Huns could not shell it. The mechanics took it apart, Of course I was coming home with them in the lorry. The Artillery officer would not let me do that. They gave me a side car. had tea and dinner with them and they were a jolly bunch. They treated me fine, and showed me the guns. I got back to the aerodrome at 6 o'clock Tuesday morning and went to bed. I woke up at 7 o'clock after a good sleep, the O.C. said I did well to get on our side of the line. I am expecting a new machine to-morrow. You see after a bus has been crushed we do not use it again. Well. this is just an everyday occurrence, so try and not let it weigh on you, please. I hope that you are all fine.
Love to all.