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Date: April 26th 1918
John Trenouth

I started at the gunnery school on Monday and it sure is tiresome, on account of not being used to it. We have to walk one mile and: a half to our school and back. We do that morning and afternoon, and when night comes, believe me, I am ready for my bed; but it is very interesting so far. I saw a bunch of Port Hope fellows at the gunnery school, and it does not make me feel so lonely when I see them. I guess I will be down with them when I get out of here', at least I hope so. We were inspected to-day by Brigadier Gen. Hughes, and we had to step lively. They sure keep you moving while on duty.

When we were coming over, there was a boat sunk 200 miles ahead of us and when we got to about the place it was sunk. Two submarines popped up behind us, and we sank one of them. Those destroyers with us could certainly go some. We here all ordered to our life boats, and it certainly gives one quite a scare, when all that he can see is water. I was standing right besides a lifeboat but you should have seen the fellows all running. Everybody was excited even the crew. Then when we got closer to England two zeppelins came out and they stayed with us until we landed.