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Date: June 25th 1915
Dr. Ferris
T.T. Turpin

Dear old Doctor:
Just a line or two in answer to your kind and welcome letter that I received a few days ago and to tell you how glad I was to hear you were getting along so well, and I hope that your health is all O.K. again. I am sorry that you were not in shape to come over with the First Contingent. I would have liked to have had you for our doctor for our column. I think you would like the work all right. Well Doctor, there is no use of my trying to tell you any news about the war, for you would hear about it through the papers before you would receive this letter. All of our infantry Battalions are out of the trenches resting just now, but all our artillery is still in action. I don't think there are many of the original men of the infantry Battalions left that came over with the first. I can tell you that the one who goes through and stands what the infantry have to in the trenches and comes out with a whole skin is lucky man, for some days you can hardly hear yourself speak for the noise of the artillery duel that is going on, to say nothing of the machine gun that is banging away all the time, and then that gas is fierce stuff. We all have to carry respirators with us now, for if you get a whiff of it, you are a gone goslin.

I see Rev. Mr. Beattie once in a while. He has done good work out here and so has Major Ralston and his battery and Stuart Craig is in a class by himself as an artillery officer and his men worship him. All Cobourg boys in his Battery are well and looking fit. I see Jim Beatty often. He is the life of the Second Battalion, you can hear Jim coming miles before you can see him. One day the General was inspecting the Transport, and as Jim drives one of the wagons he was congratulating Jim on the way he kept his horses and Jim says 'That's Right, Cap.' to the General. We need some one to encourage us here, and poor old Herb, I can get no news of him at all, but I hope he will turn up safe.

Well Doctor, I must close for this time as news is scarce. Remember me to all inquiring friends and to Mrs. Ferris, and drop me a line when you have time. I will say good-bye. All from your old friend.
T.T. Turpin.