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Date: February 8th 1918
Gerald Whja

Well, Mother, I guess that Ken (Gunner Kenneth Wood of the same Battery draft) and I will never get to France, Owing to those who come in under the Military Service Act having to be twenty years of age, a law comes into force here the first of February that we will have to attain that age also before going to the front, I suppose that we will have to do dirty fatigue duty, etc. for another sixteen months. We may get a chance to go back home but I doubt it. The prospect does not appeal to us at all for we are quite fed up with camp life. I am employed now as a waiter in the mess, and it is rather tiresome work. Pans and' pots and dishes to wash the most of the day. But one consolation is that I get all that I want to eat. I am sending you a picture that four of us had taken one day. So you have been having lots of cold and snow. Over here we have had only little snow one night, just enough to whiten the ground. The days are mostly clear and cold now. There is not much news so I will buzz off and get to work,