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Date: February 28th 1917

Seaford, England "C" Coy 196th
Feb 28, 1917

Dear Folks:

It's just a year ago today that I signed my name to the attestation papers. It certainly dosen't seem that long tho'.

I'm taking a course in musketry now -- just a week's course. anything is better than forming fours. Mac is taking it too. I've taken it all before but the only option I had was to go on instructing in PT &BF and that didn't appeal to me a-tall.

Up until today we've had some great weather. Last night was a real Alberta June evening but its colder today. We had a little ten mile route march last night. Went out of Littlington and back. Of course they couldn't hold it during the day for that would take us off parade. We were all togged out in full marching order but the Webb equipment is easier to carry than the old Oliver stuff. We had in Canada. I didn't mind it much. In fact the work here isnt hard it you're in shape. I did a lot more the summer up North and wasn't nearly as fit as I am now.

I saw "Slim" Lynn today. He was wounded you know. I wasn't talking to him but just saw him pass by the parade grounds with a Labour B'n. Col. McKinnery is in charge of a Labour B'n here and Roy Haliburton is Q.M.S. of it. You remember ‘Hallie" the sprinter. Edmonton's best all around athelete. I thought Slim was killed but he apparently wasn't. Did I tell you I was talking to Leo Brown and Roy Mattern? They are here with the 21st Res. B'n now.

I got Mothers letter today inclosing the slip about Margaret Heusts wedding. I suppose you heard that the day of the big spread she fainted and had to be sent to the hospital. Nervous breakdown. Couldn't stand prosperity I guess. Anyway if Capt. Mayott or whatever his name is , get over here before she ‘comes to' he's lucky.

I'm getting the Journal pretty regular now but it isn't very newsy. Still the ads look good over here. I suppose it will be having big head lines now bout the big advancement. Well there'll be bigger yet and we don't need the States either. I think you can save the drumstick off the Thanksgiving Turkey for me.

No I haven't heard anything more about Frank Walker. He accompanied a draft over of the 151st but came back again. I guess that stuff about him reverting to the ranks is mostly hot-air. Did I tell you I got the ""Gateways""? They were sure interesting. The only thing really worth anything is the news letter by Edward & its great. You want to read them. Letters from all the U of A men over here & I can get news of the fellows here better that way than any other. I found out thro' the Gateway that one of the science men was in hospital only 12 miles from here. I'm going to try & get up to see him.

I guess we are moving to Bramshot alright on Sunday. However we won't actually know ‘till Monday I guess.

I got a letter from Burnie yesterday. He's getting along OK & says it isn't half bad over there. Says he doesn't mind the big shells at all. I'm' wondering now if he's in the big advance. He can do a hundred yds in ten flat so I guess he'll make a few hums hump. Burnies a great kid I hope you'll meet him sometime.

No Peener dosen't get much stuff from home. You see his people all in the States & I guess they find it hard to send it. Mac told me today that he had a card from Sis. I got two Valentine cards from Marg & Mac today & one from Sis too. Do you know I don't think anything has been lost that you've sent and you have surely sent an awful bunch of stuff. The postage would buy a good sized farm.

Well I guess this is all. tell Ira to keep right on where he is. I'll be back there before he could every get used to wearing puttees.

Love to everybody


P.S. Whats this, Mater, about whistling at the milk man? Is the price of milk going up?