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Date: September 15th 1917


Dear Folks:

Just a line to let you know I'm here. Things have reached a pretty critical state just now -- we came out of the line last night late and the mail - 3rd class stuff - hasn't been sorted yet. I heard there was an awful grist of parcels& I've got a hunch that there's a registered letter too, so you see I'm sort of on pins -- and I'm durn hungry too - not for pork & beans or mulligan but for something civilized. I'll write tomorrow & let you know what luck I have.

We had a pretty hard march but last night - not so awfully stiff but hard enough to make a fellow want to sleep. When we got here they put us in a damp shed affair so Chief & I & Tubby Hurst hunted up a dug out and its a bear too. Thats where I am not. Hay -- wait a minute - Here's Chief with an armful of parcels--???!!!!---

Have had dinner & feeling a little uncomfortable but it was some dinner. I got two boxes & a roll of magazines -- some haul eh! The first thing I did was open the butter & raspberries & soda biscuits & ate all the fruit & buscuits without a stop. Everything carried O.K. There wasn't a dint in the big box & the other one carried jake too. We're going to cook the peas for supper per instructions & thats something to look forward to The butter is a swell idea. We only get issued with it once a week & then it isn't butter but margerine the Soda buscuits & butter alone were a regular five course dinner. The cigarettes were a treat -- both Chief & I were out of smoke & both broke so we were ripe for a real Canadian player. Then the dollar bill will just fix us up. Its worth 51/2 francs here--almost half our two weeks pay.

All I need now is a letter or two from home -- I haven't got one yet this mail but they'll be along in a day or two.

Yes don't hesitate to send coliflower etc if you have any & can send them without too much trouble. the peas carried O.K. & look like a regular feast.

This is all for now. I'll write later on --

Love to everybody