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Date: September 11th 1917


Dear Folks:

Chief & I have just finished putting the finishing touches on our dugout and its a pretty jake little home right now. We dug it last night but didn't have time to put the roof on so after coming home from a working party about midnight we decided to sleep under the stars instead of working then so the p.m. we put on the roof -- of poles & sand bags and fixed up a ground sheet for a door and here we are. I don't suppose we'll be here long enough to get very many nights in it but it's worth the trouble for only one night.

Had a letter from Peener & he made Blighty O.K. One of his eyes is a little blurred yet but it will be Ok soon. His add. is King George Hosp. --Stamford St. London Eng. He had a couple of teeth knocked out too.

Chuck, Spud & Clark are over here now but not altogether. Almost all the bunch came over but Chuck didn't mention Feurt so I guess he never came. I'll hung Chuck up when we get out this time.

We're having a jake trip so far this time -- nothing much doing at all. We do a few working parties but they are easy enough.

Have had several good letters from Mpls with a lot of snaps that are certainly great. I'll write the girls from Billets sure. I'm expecting a few letters from home tonight and I'm absolutely certain that there's a box or two waiting for me when we get out. You see they only deliver letters up here.

Well there isn't very much to write about up here. The trip has been pretty much uneventful so far and news is scarce enough at any time.

We put out names in for leave the other day. Of course it will be ages before we're due but they asked for them now. We all put in for a city in Southern France. You see Blighty leave is like a hens teeth & I'm not crazy about seeing Paris. It may come thru' before Spring.

Well I'll stop here.
Love to everybody


P.S. Stan Hurlburt & Art Elliott are on there way back to Canada.