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Date: June 18th 1916

June 18 1916

Dear Mother:-

Received your letter the other day along with the parcel which broke the monotony of the usual weekly routine.

Everything is preety[?] much the same as I told you of in very last letter, except the war, which is assuming greater proportions and more culture bombardment as the summer approaches. The only thing of interest to me now is when is it going to end?

Had a letter from Aunt Susan and one from the twins this week. They are about the same as usual.

How does Eudora like her new work? I have not heard from her for a while, nor from Marion. She and Edna I suppose are as chummy as ever.

The weather has been cold and rainy for the past few days just as bad as the winter in fact, the bombardments bring on the rain Im sure.

I see Orvil frequently now and sometimes prowl around the countryside long after all good people should be in bed. Our prowling would shame a wolf or even a night hawk. More than and you used that suppression against me, perhaps its true.

Well mother will be writing you again soon. This is I admit a makeshift of a letter, but my best at present.

Your loving son


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