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Date: January 26th 1919

January 26/19

My Dear Mother:

There is not a great deal to tell you of this week for I regret to say Im still in hospital.  Although my paper was marked “ready for discharge” nearly a week ago, the doctor told me this morning I must wait until the Canadian authorities applied for me. How long it will be I dont know but Im hoping it will be soon.  In the meantime Im doing nothing and all day to do it in.

Today I went to see Aunt Susan.  This is the first time Ive seen her really up and dressed. She is looking ever so much better now and I read her your letter which she was very glad to hear.

I think I told you Joe Dalziel was back home and at work again. It did not take him very long to get away from the Army.  They have a different system of demobalisation in the Imperial Army than ours but I don’t think it works as good as ours will.  Of course there is a tremendous difference in sizes of the two but France is demobalising by classes, all from 1906 to 1910 class being demobalised in April.

I hope you have not been having too cold weather and the house manages to keep comfortable for you.

I think and long every night for coming home. I will never feel at home in this country were I to live here the remainder of my life.  I cant enter into any of the enjoyments the other fellows do whose homes are in this country for I dont like the people, their customs nor the cities they live in. Orvil will tell you how miserably I think of London.

I suppose he will be home now. I hope, if I dont soon get started, to hear he has been up to see you quite a friend of mine too.

Perhaps I shall not be home how until the middle of March.  It was indeed unfortunate I had to go to hospital.  Anyway Im getting plenty of hot baths and swims and am feeling immensely better than I would had I started right home. Im pretty will rid of that tired out feeling I use to have and the thought of coming home keeps me wonderfully happy.

[page missing] all.  Do you think the war had changed here much?

Wait until you see me.  However I wont try to describe myself in any way. You can tell me what change you notice most when I get home.  One thing you will think Im looking years older than four more anyway.

Im sorry I wont get a chance to see Winnie ackson for a while.  I hope her mother benefits from the trip.  I feel she is 

Well mother I must bring this to a close now but will write you again in a few days.

With kindest love to you all

Your loving son


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