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Date: August 4th 1915

Sandling Aug 4 1915

My Dear Mother –

Got a lot of letters to-day, one from you, Marion, Eudora and William and a card from Agnes at Lewiston. All having a good time I am sure. It must have taken you a long time to read my two letters about the trip to Scotland wish I had something as interesting to write you always but camp routine is I imagine as disagreeable a subject to you as to me.

Aunt Susan wrote me again the other day saying she had heard from her son who is in the transports now she was certainly relieved a great deal to hear from him. The twins write too and sent me a package of 100 cigarettes. Yes they are some twins. What do you think of them now that you have their pictures. Marion will probably take her quible remarks about the gold dust stuff back now, wont she? Isn’t Marion having some time. Holidays with Edna, Mary and Agnes. It just remains for her now to go with William and Eudora and her season as far as holidays will be complete, but she might like to have two weeks over here yet.

We were received by Mr Bonar Law and Samuel Hughes to-day. Pouring rain too. We were all soaked through and through. Yesterday we were about ten miles from camp marching home when it poured again and kept pouring. The water was soon ankle deep in some places. Our clothes are still hanging on all the rafters in the shack.

Harry Foote was over here for a week. One of the boys in the section ran into him down in Folkestone that was on Sunday. He was to leave again for France Tuesday evening so Monday I went to Folkestone and walked the town from 5 30 until 10 pm in the hope that I would run into him. He told this fellow that he would be there Monday night but I never saw him. The two boys that went with the first contingents from the office are over here too. Monday night was to see them also, but I decided to look for Harry instead and missed them both.

Well Mother I cant think of anything else that would interest you at present. The Army issued us with housewives but I lost mine somewhere. If Marions kind has a little pair of scissors in it and some batchelor buttons I would like to get one. Some of the boys receive tin boxes filled with cakes, candy fifty or so cigarettes and a box of ten cigars “Marguerittes” I think they are namby pambied myself but as the cigars in this country are no good unless you pay a shilling each I would appreciate a few cigars.

Will write in a week or so hoping I have something of interest to tell you then.

Your affectionate son


P.S. Is not there any mail or any thing ever comes to the house for me. I am enclosing the films. Orvil has six or so of them but will try and get them later.

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