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Date: April 22nd 1916
John Law
Sara Mackenzie

8 Hewitt Ave


Dear John Law

I never met you but the once, that Sunday at the Forbes. Many times Alister told me about you and how much he thought of you, that now I feel that I know you very well, and want to thank you for you kind thoughtfulness in writing to tell me of the last few moments and the burial of my dear boy, in nearly all of his letters to me he spoke of you.

It is such a comfort to know that he did not suffer, and that he was given decent burial. I had such a nice letter from the chaplain and one from your officer, which I value very highly. If you have opportunity will you please thank them for me for their great kindness in writing to me. When I think of the thousands of mothers who have lost their sons and perhaps never heard of how or where their bodies are laid, my heart goes out in sympathy to them. Your letter was the first bit of comfort I had and I want to thank you again, and you will ever be in my prayers for your safe return to your mother. I am going to see her and get your address.

There was such a beautiful memorial service held in Cowan Ave Church for him last Sunday eve, all the Canoe Club boys were there and Fraser Elliott got up and spoke & read a letter he had from Orvil.

It was a revelation to me to hear of all the admiration and respect he had from every one who knew him. To me, he was just my own thoughtful, loving boy, but I find he made friends wherever he went.

How hard it was for poor Louis to be so near and yet so helpless, if he could have been there to see him laid away it would have been a comfort to him.


Had a letter from Orvil yesterday telling about the same things you did. Mrs Ghent was hoping Gladstone was being sent home, but a letter saying he was not coming which is a great disappointment to her. Please accept my sincere thanks, and may God keep you from all harm is the prayer of Alister’s Mother.

Sara Mackenzie

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