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Date: June 7th 1915
Rev. Irwin
Walter Thomas "Tommy"

France 7.6.15.
June 7, 1915

Dear Mr. Irwin.         

Very pleased to get your letter tonight & glad to learn you are all well. #Re- Arthur Peters, I am afraid he is dead, as he was behind the line carrying despatches at the time. His bicycle was found, so I think he has been hit by a shell and killed, but anyway we shall have to hope for the best. Glad you liked the letter, Since I wrote you last we have been in another scrap, (only the 1st Brigade bombthrowers) we went and helped to capture some trenches with the 10th Battalion over one hundred of us went out, but the Brigade Lieutenant told me that just 27 bombthrowers got out and were accounted for by now.

We suffered heavily, but we captured 800 yards of the Germans first line, by bombing them out capturing a few prisoners and killed quite a large number. My luck was in and I again got out unharmed. I sincerely hope my luck will always be in. I managed to bring some curios out with me namely, a german helmet, bullets and shell fragments. and I have them here in fairly safe keeping. Would very much like to get the helmet over to you, but am afraid we are not allowed to send, so will have to keep it till a suitable opportunity occurs. It would be a great curio to the boys of your troop. That reminds me I was a scout years ago, being a patrol leader and had 5 efficiency badges, so I know a little of the work. Do you know there are over 160,000 old boy- scouts fighting for their King and Country?  I have been made a full Corporal since the last time in, and have charge of the bombers in this company. I gave them all a lecture on bombs today, and made them practice up a little in throwing. I want them to be as efficient as possible and sure marksmen, as in attacks by us or the enemy they are indispensable. They are recognized as one of the most important branches of the service. There is a lot of work attached to the training, and I myself have to keep fully posted on all matters in that line. During the last business I saw an occurrence which outsiders would almost doubt. One of the bombers was badly injured having his hip shattered, I met him crawling in on his stomach with a German helmet tied on his arm.  He greeted me most cheerily saying “I’ve got one.” He evidently was not bothering about his wound, his one great hope seemed to be to get in with that helmet, and all efforts to take him in without his helmet proved unavailing. # Glad to hear all the crops look good and I hope there will be a record harvest.

# Well I think I will close this time & I trust you and yours are all well & in fine health. Remember me to all the friends and I hope to be able to return to you all soon with the great knowledge that I have done my duty to my King and Country and all concerned so I leave you and say farewell for a time from your friend in Christ.

Corpl. Walter T. Robus.

PS. Will be very pleased with the Register.

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Original Scans

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