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Date: November 29th 1944
Humewood School
Ray Hill

432 Sqd. R.C.A.F.

Wed. 29/11/44


Dear Mrs. Addison:


For some reason or other the mails have picked up this year. And, for a change, Christmas cards and parcels are coming in early instead of late. But that is a good fault-better late than never and better early than late. For the past month there’s been truck loads coming in here. And although I’m what you might term allergic to work myself, there’s nothing makes me feel better than to see the fellows in the post office work-and work hard to!


A few days ago your parcel came in, with, of course, a couple of hundred others. During the past few years you have given me good cause to look for a parcel so you can realize that it was accorded a hearty, though not surprise welcome.


This has all the earmark of a long, drawn out letter instead of a note as I originally intended. My letters never are exceptionally long or in text so big. And I’m afraid it’s next to impossible to shorten the print at any time. The result, of course, is obvious I’ll have to close.


But I must thank you and the class who helped put up the parcels. You at home have little or no conception of morale building job a parcel does. Instead, you rely on letters to express it to you. Mine, I’m afraid isn’t up to much and the best I can hope is that other letters will show you more appreciation.


Wishing you all the happiest possible Christmas and the best for 1945


Yours very sincerely

Ray Hill

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