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Date: December 26th 1944
Humewood School
Bruce Montgomery


48th H. of C.



Dear Mrs. Addison-

Your lovely parcel came yesterday & helped make what would ordinarily have been a very drab Christmas into something that came very close to being a enjoyable day.

I say close, because we couldn’t really “let ourselves go” due to the proximity of a lot of Jerries just 400 yards up the road.

Still, we did have a good deal to eat & that in itself was quite an occasion, again due largely to your efforts.

Now, I am bound to ask, & (I guess you rather expect me too) about just how I came to be the recipient of a parcel from you? I can rather guess that you are a friend of Mothers, but I can only surmise that from your address.

Am I right or wrong?

Whichever it is it doesn’t really matter, but thank you once again for your wonderful parcel, & that does matter!

Thank you


Bruce Montgomery

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Original Scans