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Date: September 12th 1916


 Dear Folks at Home,

Rec’d Nora’s and Mother’s letters of Aug 15th & 18th respectively.  Was very pleased to get them.  Will be pleased to get the rest of our mail too as I have a collapsible wash basin “coming up”—tired of washing in every old thing and place.

 Don’t imagine Bert is wild or anything like that.  If he didn’t get round some like he did you’d think he was half asleep wouldn’t you?  Whatever Will says shouldn’t worry you about me.  I’m still fine.  Go at it a bit strong at times but mainly the life is very passable out here—while it lasts.

 That card of Nora’s was fine.  I’d sooner have letters tho.  Yes the Draders here in London have been good to us.  They have a son at the same game so realize our position.

 All our troops are very optimistic these days.  We have the Huns on the run all over.  We all expect to be home soon.

 Much love as always,

 (Note:  This would appear to be Eugene’s last letter as he was killed Sep. 16, 1916.)

 (Note:  With reference to the second paragraph, if you read Bert’s letter to Eugene of  Jul 23/16 it refers to some activity perhaps not meant to be relayed to “Mother”.  Eugene did forward the letter Jul 27/16)