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Dear Mother,

 Received the combination wristlets and mitts O.K.  I cannot thank you enough for same.  Prior to their receipt, when anyone was talking about what their Mother or sister made and sent them I had to keep still but now I can tell them a thing or two.  You know it is not every mother who can make a pair and especially at your age.  Do you know some of them even hire it done and then say they did it and claim the credit.  Thank goodness I know there is no hypocrisy about mine.

 Am enclosing a clipping from a paper account from hockey game last night.  It is my first game in real Hockey for nearly four years.  I guess I had nerve to tackle it at all.  The weather is very mild here now tho.

 Jan 20/16

Received yours of the 16th inst. O.K.  Have much sympathy for the cold weather there.  It has been cold enough here too till just lately when it is fine and warm.  Hope it freezes up the worms and their friends the Germans in Europe.  The war doesn’t seem altogether like a dream to me.  It is too real and near to be so filmy and unreal.  You say the Canaries are fine singers and suffix “believe me.”  Why not say “Believe Ma!”  There is never any difficulty in believing Mother you know.

 Have been trying to turn over a new leaf lately but don’t seem to succeed.  Things seem to be very much the same as ever if possibly more slack.  It makes me vexed but still it is dangerous to trifle with old customs you know.

 Must run in for breakfast now.  You see I get up in sufficient time to parade and handle two other parades and still be the first in to breakfast.  I wouldn’t get up so early if I didn’t have too but then a new order came out.  That is the worst of a Staff job.

 Worlds of love from your son