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Date: July 30th 1916

July 30-16

My dear Mother,

 Your letters of 27th June and Nora’s of same date to hand.  Mails are very uncertain.  Get mixed up something fierce.  Have had one letter at least from Edmonton dated July 8 which beat out yours of 27th June and card of July 1st also beat out letter from Edmonton June 27 and 30.

 We are well enough looked after here I guess—so that you don’t need to worry.  We are not playing a game of checkers here you know.  Anything sent from home is much appreciated as it can be—no slight amount either.

 Was called away to do some chores so did away with that pencil.  How do you like this one?  Had a letter from Alice along with yours saying her mother had received word from both you and Nora.  Trust I shall get word from you soon saying you have heard from them; as Alice’s letters came direct yours is likely on its way (circuitous route) (via) London (via) Bramshott (via) Canadian Base etc.  When you address them 49th Canadians, France they come direct.

 Must run again as there is some more to do.  They sure keep us busy at times and usually all times.  You see our hours are from reveille to reveille on active service at the front.

 Here we go again;  will try and finish up this time and page too.  Must write to Nora and Nellie tonight and possibly----Alice and also Will and Bert.  Major Flint may get one.  After one has said that all is well here that is about all the news.  It’s a lot harder to stop a shell than lift one you know.


To finish up—sent your letters of July 4 to Will & Bert on to them today as they came to me to instead.  Very warm around here now—simply bathe in perspiration.  Trying to put up a game scrap.

 Worlds of love,