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Date: July 9th 1916


 Dear Mother:-

 Rec’d yours and Nora’s of Jun 2—9th Just of even date.  Thank Nora for promise of box and sorry to state that Alice Drader is wearing ring till I get back to England.  Will send it home then.  Enclosed broach as souvenir.  Heard from Will.  He is convalescent.  Also from Bert through Cora Drader.  He is convalescent too.  Henry Drader just back from Roumania as King’s Messenger.  Some pumpkins.

 Passed that school in Chelsea and led a Bayonet fighting school here last week while out of the trenches resting.  Usually the N.C.O.s lead in those schools, but not when there is a Drader as officer.  There is a deuce of a fight here tonight.  Wonder I can write at all.  The trouble with the Canadians is that the officers have to hold their men instead of urge them forward.  Hope you can read this writing as we are in a hurry here I can tell you.  Time is worth a lot at times.

 There are no news here that I know of.  Our life is as precarious as ever—our dug outs as safe as usual.  Our trips in and out of trenches as fraught with unconcern etc.  All our things are supposed to be in constant readiness for anything within the pale of possibilities. 

 Kindest regards to all and LOVE to the family.  More love if possible.  I’ll be so glad when we get back so it will be made in concrete form.