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Date: July 1st 1916

 Flanders, 1/7/16

Am writing on this glorious Dominion Day to let you know the Draders are still alive although Bert got shrapneled in the head and also ribs I believe and Will a bullet through the leg below the knee.  Neither are serious and will be lucky to remain away as long as possible.  So far I am Jake.  Did not see either of them after they got theirs but understand everything satisfactory.  Bert got his during a bombardment.  His helmet saved his life.

 Have had no mail for days on end now.  Hope there will soon be some along.  Have lots of socks now too.  Can’t think of anything we really need altho any momento such as candy or cake would be appreciated.  We can buy it of course but that is different. 

 If we get out of this place—war I mean—alive I think we’ll hang around about as long as a cat on a hot stove.  Am learning the new trench dances—Shrapnel Shuffle, Machine Gun Flop—Jack Johnson jump etc.  Am glad I’m not any taller.  My head would sure get drilled.  Up here we are sure expected to be mirthful of course we are too!!!! Especially amid the “whiz bangs” and High Explosives.  Well don’t worry.  I think likely you do more worrying than we.  Well thanks for what you have done and silence for the rest.

 Ever yours with love,