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Date: January 30th 1916

Edmonton, Jan 30/16 

Dear Mother,

 Rec’d yours and Nora’s of 24th inst.  Was, if possible, more pleased than ever to get it.  Was rather expecting a letter at the time.  Have played some more hockey and some Basket Ball.  Am sending a Journal to you under separate cover.  You will notice the account of a B.B. game in it.  Some ignominious defeat but then it was sport.  Have not played any of these games for a long time except a little B.B. last winter.  One gets rather out of practice.  When one is slow in clearing it means, in hockey, that he is unable to bat the puck aside from the front of the goal mouth after stopping a hot shot and having the puck bounce out a little way from the net.  Just as you stop the shot the puck rebounds and is shot past you before you nab it.  Lack of practice accounts for it. 

 Trust that father is much better before this.  If it is correspondingly as cold in Victoria as it is here I don’t wonder at his being ill.  Has been very cold here all January.  Had a letter from Uncle Will, after writing him, sending Henry Drader’s address.  I note with pleasure that it is a London address and so will most likely be accessible to little Eugene.  Uncle Will said that he had asked father down for the winter.

 Will send you all the necessary expenses if you will buy the flannelette and construct me a couple of suits of good warm pyjamas.  They must be nice and large for me however.  If you make them I’ll stand the expense and remember the best is none too good for the Irish (Kearney).  My paper has about run out and so I guess I must soon quit.  War times are thrifty, scrimpy times.

 Worlds of love As ever,