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Date: June 18th 1916

Somewhere in France
June 18/1916

 Mrs. J. Drader,
2132 Belmont Ave.,
Victoria, B.C.

 Dear Mother,

 I wrote to Nora yesterday, but have a chance to write now.  I shall try to send you a few lines.  As I write I can hear the cannon with no intermission whatever, but they are not doing any damage here.  In fact things are very quiet today except for the noise.

 We have not been in France many days but it seems like as many months to me.  Have only got mail once since coming here and it sure enough looks good.  There are a lot of fellows I know in our Battalion.  Among others are Alf Slater, who sung in the choir at Lacombe when Nora played the organ; Bert Simpson—Dr. Simpson’s boy; Ike Southard who bought Hunter’s place at Spurceville; one of the Parker’s boys, and Everenden from Blindman Valley.

 Have learned to speak a few words in French but it seems as though the French people here learn to speak English faster than we learn to speak French.

 I would like to have time to make a plant & bug collection here.  Could have the ones I made last summer snowed under in no time.  Shall enclose a couple of flowers but there is no telling what they will be like by the time you get them.

 Hope you are all well and happy.  I suppose Cecil will be home by the time you get this.  Am getting lots of practice in mathematics.  You see we use money from Canada, England, France and Belgium and it takes some practice to count up your change in a mixture of these—not that we have so much but in making the most of our little 15 francs twice a month.  A franc goes 20 cents or 10 p. here though I got 21 francs for $4.00 in Folkstone before I left England.  Shall enclose a few facsimiles of coin found in my pocket at time of writing but I am afraid they are not very good as I do all this sitting on the ground.

 Guess that is about all I can think of now so hoping your all well I remain,

Your Loving Son,
Pte. 101749 Drader, C.W.A.
C. Coy. 49th Batt.
British Ex. Force,
Army P.O.
London, England