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Date: July 1st 1916
Will and Eugene

13 General Hospital,
Boulogne, France

 July 1st, 1916


 Pte.  W. E. Drader,
12 Platoon,


Lieut. E. Drader,
14 Platoon
49th Battalion,
3rd Canadian Division,


 Dear Will and Eugene,

 Have tried to write before but could not get any paper till this morning and then only one sheet.  I hope you are both all right yet and out of that Hell Hole for a time at least.  I am getting on very good here.  They are all as good to us as can be though pretty much overworked I think.  They say I am to go to England but I do not know when.  Oh-my wounds are one in the head and 4 in the back-but they are only flesh wounds.  No bones are broken.  I can’t tell you for sure where to write but please try the address above and let me know if you are all right and who is not in the Batt.

 Yours With Loads of Love,
Pte. 101749 Drader, C.W.A.
C. Coy. 49th Canadians