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Date: August 25th 1918

Sunday, Aug. 25th 1918

 Dear Mother,

 I got a couple of letters from Earl this morning including yours to him of July 16th which I was glad to get.  Yesterday was a fine day and the moon almost full and we had the p.m. “off” so I just took a ramble around the country which is hard to beat just here.  I went through the nearest large town—about 4 kilometers and up the hills on the far side about 5 kilos. More.  Well it got late and I was coming back toward the town by moonlight and there were several flashes and heavy reports down the valley.  Of course there were planes to be heard all night but mostly ours.  When I got into the town I found a bomb had lit smack on one of the big houses but it did not burn.  The house and those around it were wrecked but I did not learn if anyone was hurt as there was a certain amount of excitement and people did not like being bothered by inquisitive individuals.  I have a hunch that our military policeman on point duty there was a casualty.

 Guess that is about all the news.  Our course started in earnest on Thursday.  It should last five weeks from then.  So I should not go up the line before then.

 Must get busy and write to Earl, Will, Nellie, Nora, Josie, Cecil, Mrs. Saunders, Blance, Cora, and Freda.  Cracky’s I have a bunch this time.

 Best Love to all from Your Loving Son