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Date: August 11th 1916

Shorncliffe, Aug. 11, 1916
Dear Mother,

 I was very much tickled to get a budget of mail the night before I left Epsom.  It included one from you and Nora and Eugene and two from Earl.  Was going to bring them with me down her and send them on to Eugene but in the excitement of changing outfits & all the red tape connected with moving to the base I left them behind.  Hope to get some more in a few weeks.

 You asked me about the place at Tofino.  I guess Earl should know more about that than I do.  I went down to where the 88th is camped last night and tried to find Birdie Farrard but could not.  The 88th is all transferred to the 30th and about half of them have gone to France & I could not find any Clayquot boys though I learned of four or five who had gone across.  I think that there is a deed for the land that ? ??? there last summer filed in the land office at Alberni but am not sure.  If it is that way it is in Earl’s name.

 When a fellow gets around after being wounded he is entitled to 10 days “sick leave” but I cannot get my leave till I get my paybook.  This was taken from me in hospital.  So I guess my leave will come about like the certificate of the ? for that place.

 Eugene & Will were well the last I heard from them,--Will of course is not well but I mean doing well--.

 I have had the same tunic as I wore when I was hit and have put leather buttons on it now so that I shall not have to polish brass.  Am sending one of the brass buttons to you & one to Nora.  I hope you get them all right.  They are the ones I wore at Ypres.  I hope you are still going strong.

 Your Loving Son,