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Date: April 2nd 1916


Edmonton, Alberta
April 2nd, 1916

 Dear Mother,

 Am going to write at last so look out.  I was kind of waiting till I could send you some money as I was all the time kept in anticipation by the school board.  But I have got a cent for this year yet and there is still some coming on last year’s pay.  However I think I shall be all straightened up this week sometime, probably Saturday.  Have stopped teaching yesterday and should have been paid up then but as they promised to get my money for me this week I did not sue for it yet.

 I wish you would send me your account to date right away, then I may be able to get it before I get the money.  Don’t forget to put in my board for the time I was out there this summer.  About the launch, too, I think I shall be able to pay you all that it has cost up to date.  I have also asked Mr. Eik to send you some money he is getting in rent on the Tofino house.  I may be able to get out to Victoria this summer some time and fix up the boat and sell but I am not at all sure of it.  However $2.00 a month is not so awfully bad for a while.

 I suppose you heard that we had a pretty cold winter here. It was pretty hard for me in that well ventilated house that I was in but I have wintered pretty well and that exzema, although it pestered me a little never got bad enough to make me lose any school.  I put in every teaching day from the first of the year to the last of March.

 I have not started to drill yet but think that the work will start in earnest tomorrow.  I can go into a military school by staying in the 218th Batt.  But I think that I shall try to get in the 66th with Will so that I can get away a little sooner.  I would rather go as a private with Will than have to wait so long and get some office.

 I suppose you heard that Eugene’s Batt. left yesterday.  I did not get down to see him and it seems pretty lonesome.  However I guess it is that way with a great many in Edmonton today.

 I don’t know of much more news to tell now.  I shall try to do better in writing than I have done lately.  I shall likely have more time when I get in Barracks.

 I hope you are well and that the chickens are paying better than they were.

 Your loving Son,