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Date: July 17th 1917

CMR BEF France
July 17 1917

Dear Sister

I received a letter from Stanley and one from mother a few days ago and was pleased to hear from them, but I did not get any from you.  You do not realize what it means to get a letter from home way out here.  As you will see, I have not gone up the line yet, but expect to go soon.  Everything is going on in about the same way out here, nothing more exciting than an occasional sham battle.  As I said before, I am staying in a little French village.  The streets of Nanaimo are superb compared with the streets of any village I have seen yet.  Bread wine and chocolate is about all that can be bought in any particular village.  Of course you cannot judge all of France by one town.  The country around here is the most productive as well as the most beautiful that I have seen since I left Canada.

Stanley was telling me in his letter that you were trying your entrance exam, I hope you passed alright.  I would advise you to go ahead and attend high school.  It would be most beneficial to yourself and besides, a person has a better time while attending school than doing anything else.

I hope Ida is well.  Tell her to write.  I will drop her a line in a few days.  It takes so long for a letter to go home from here.  When you write, be sure and address your letters to 1st CMR BEF France.

Hoping everybody is well and Happy.  I am your loving brother

E. Corbett

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