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Date: October 16th 1917

Oct. 16,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines this time for the envelope will be pretty well filled up with cards.

To begin with we've had a little change of scenry and believe me the boxes cam in jake for the trip. I got five & Chief got three the night before. We moved so we just packed them all up and had them for the trip. It was sure great. Everybody else had bully beef & hard tack. Chief, Tom & I were on guard so of course we weren't with the platoon. We had three prisoners so had the end of a car to ourselves.

Just now we are in a real city. I never heard of it before but its sure some size. I guess it isn't much as cities go in this country but is would look like the whole map in Alberta. Chief & I took a look around last night but it was so dark we gave it up & spend the rest of the evening trying to find our way home.

It quit raining for a change which is lucky beleive me. Heres hoping it stays that way.

Flora's sweater came too & was Al. I can wear it under my tunic great. Say have I a big "pull-over" at home. It would come in handy in billets but it would be too heavy on a march. I got a hunch it'll be cold here this winter.

Also could you send me some cigarettes -- not many for we can get lots here now but I want a change. Send me a box of (Melachrino's No 9) - a box of only 10 you know. Then a small box of Philip Morris - Murads - Moguls - Fatima - Benson & Hedges -- I guess will do me awhile. I'm not a confirmed enough smoker to smoke one thing very long & Chief got a couple of packages of the kind you only buy in America so thats where I got the idea.

This is all for now.

Love to everybody


P.S. I'd send Marg's & Flora, direct but you have to have English stamps & I haven't found any yet. WJM